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Proposed Stages for our matches

NOTE: Items viewed in PDF format may look different when assembled (Including additional vision barriers and no-shoots)

When possible, stage diagrams will be posted here prior to matches after they have been properly documented on a standard COF document and have been approved by the BOD.  They will also be on the sub-pages for each match as an on-line library to be used when needed.  If you have suggestions for a stage design, or want to learn stage design so that our club can benefit from your ideas, please contact the BOD with your design/ideas.  Your designs should be put on paper (this could be a picture of a diagram) and forward to the BOD.

Understand that we have limitations for each of the stages for a Thursday night that are very different than that for a Sunday match.  I can assist in transforming your design to a COF format document if you need assistance.  The submitted stage design will still need to be adjusted for our specific restrictions for either Thursday or a Sunday match and approved by the BOD prior to it being used.



SUN 2016-09-04  [ Stage #1 ]  [ Stage #2 ]  [ Stage #3 ]  [ Stage #4 ]

THU 2016-08-11  [ Stage #1 ]  [ Stage #2 ]  [ Stage #3 ] 



If it is determined that there is not enough help setting up stages the club will shoot default
short courses of fire, regardless of what stages were scheduled.

Default COF:  THU ->  [ Stage #1 ]  [ Stage #2 ]  [ Stage #3 ]

For previous matches, visit the historical Stage Library on the website.