USPSA Stage Building and Design

Hello SFPC members,

We challenge each member who is interested, to design your own stage for our Thursday night matches.

Below are links to download our stage design templates and stage prop graphics.

There are some basic principles and rules to abide by for each of the stages included in the templates.  Utilize the Stage Props word document, to cut and paste the props onto the stage template.

Basic requirements:

  1. Microsoft Word (latest version is best)
  2. Your stage design must include the following:
    1. Metric or Classic targets (only one type on each stage)
    2. Fault Lines
    3. Steel targets must fall to count.  No static steel targets.
    4. Steel targets on Stage 1 must be forward falling.
  3. Must have # of targets, maximum # of points, and # of hits per paper described.
  4. Must have specific written instructions if not using USPSA default rules.

If you design a stage, and are not familiar with the process, then ask a member of the SFPC Board of Directors for assistance.

If your stage is selected to be used during a match, Thursdays or Sundays, your match fee for that match will be comped. ($0)

Submit your stage design via an email attachment, in Microsoft Word format, to



 Stage Props:  STAGE_PROPS    IPSC_Props